Tips For Cleaning Your Car

Keeping your car clean and ready to face any weather challenges in the autumn is important. That way you will be comfortable in the vehicle no matter the weather conditions, but most importantly you will be safe.

One way to ensure your vehicle is well-maintained is to acquire mobile car valeting services. The experts know well enough how to take care of the dirt and focus on areas that get the most dirt. However, you shouldn’t solely rely on professionals, since you may need to address cleaning chores in regards to your car at any time. Here is what you need to pay attention to:

Remove leaves – don’t let your vehicle stay under a blanket of leaves. They leave dirt, dust and other spoils on the exterior, which can seriously threaten the look of the car. Get a soft brush and remove fallen leaves from your car every day. It goes without saying that you best keep the vehicle off of areas with too many trees. Ideally, you should park in a garage. If that is not available, then do your part removing leaves from the exterior.

Clean under the bonnet – with all of those leaves flying around, some of them are bound to get under the hood. The area below the windscreen is called the plenum chamber and often accumulates leaves and other loose debris. Don’t let this part of your car block up, as that could lead to unwanted damage. Be especially careful with water seeping through. It could mess with your car’s electronics and cost you a small fortune to fix.

Keep windows clean – there is a layer of dirt that often builds up on the outside of window surfaces. Multiple factors contribute to this: wind that moves dirt and dust onto the car, leaves and other debris that accumulate spoils and others. Before you go on a long distance drive, make sure all windows of the car are in good condition. You want perfect visibility, and the only way to achieve that is by giving the windows a good wash.

Check the wiper blades – usually, your wiper blades should last six months, but proper care can, in fact, extend that period. Keep in mind that autumn and winter and the two seasons wiper blades see the most use. That is why you should often wipe them with a soft cloth and keep dirt and dust off of them to prolong their lifespan. While you are at it, keep the washer fluid reservoir full at all times. You don’t want it to run out when you need it the most.

Clean the lights – know that LEDs don’t normally generate enough heat to deal with the frost and water on the lights. For this reason, you should clean the lights in severe weather conditions, especially before you take off.

By following these tips, you guarantee that your car will remain clean throughout autumn and well into winter. Mobile car valeting services or not, make sure you and your vehicle are safe.