Benefit Buying Used Car

There’s nothing wrong with buying a new car, if you’re prepared to accept the short and long-term financial losses. The second you drive that new vehicle off the lot you’ve lost around 20%. A car that was forty-thousand loses eight driving home. Then a depreciation rate of 15% per year for most models, with some exceptions of course. We all know it’s easier to buy than sell an item! Therefore, my choice is always buying used cars, and this is my criteria that saves me big money in the long run.

My recommendation is purchasing a used car for cash not financing. Without interest and the two-way insurance requirement, you’re probably saving around $1200/ year. Next is not purchasing a used car from a dealer which can be considerably more expensive. Many people believe dealers do more to repairs used cars making those ones sounder investments. Keep in mind dealers need to make profits, which means incorporating costs like the trade-in, repairs, operational costs, and commissions. That is the reason my preference is being patient finding private sales. People selling their own used cars have no overhead expenses, and know they will get a lot less from the dealer.

The type of used cars I look for have low mileage, service records, accident free, many features that work, and sellers who have been meticulous with their cars. Doing a lot of mileage yearly my number is around $5000. Prior to purchasing I spend an hour labor having my trusted mechanic look the car over. If there is anything major I walk away, minor repairs are negotiated to bring the price down. My rule of thumb is keeping aside an additional $1000. Buying a used car, I know within 6 months there will be some normal repairs coming, like breaks, timing belts, or shocks. My objective is keep the car for 3-4 years owing me nothing re-selling it afterwards for around $1500.

Taking into consideration I can drive a used car for 4 years saves me $4800 in interest and two-way insurance. My total purchase cost being around $6000 counting in the set aside money. If you do the math above including in my $1500 resale, I’m ahead $300 based on my original purchase afterwards. Who can say that buying a new car could ever do that? If you’re thinking of purchasing a car try my way in saving big money buying used cars.