Ways To Buy Cars Overseas

Buying a car can be a difficult task. And, it gets even worse, if you are opting for cars for sale overseas. Of course, buying cars overseas have numerous benefits. For one, you can find cheaper vehicles. Next, you can find rare vehicles that are not available in your area. And, most cars from other countries are in good condition. However, before finalizing your purchase, it is important that you know the best practices in paying. Below are some tips that you need to consider.

Know exchange rates before paying

First and foremost, it is best for car buyers to know the exchange rates before paying. Currency exchange can alter unexpectedly. As a result, when paying for cars for sale overseas, there are instances that your payment maybe insufficient which can affect your purchase and expenses. So, before paying, it is best that you know exchange rates of currencies. Knowing exchange rates can also help you determine if the value of the car is suitable.

Opt for online banking services

The next thing that car buyers need to do when paying for cars for sale overseas is to opt for online banking services. There are cases when individuals do not have sufficient time to do such tasks due to their obligations at home and at work. Thus, paying for the car can be quite impossible. By opting for online banking services, car buyers can transact with sellers easily and efficiently. Plus, online banking services have lower fees which can help you cut down expenses.

Try out direct banking

Surely, online banking can be convenient, but there are instances when this option is dangerous especially if sellers do not have a safe online payment option. Therefore, personal information as well as banking details can be obtained by hackers which can affect your finances. Because of this, it is also a great idea for car buyers to try out direct banking. When opting for direct banking, individuals can transfer funds more efficiently. Additionally, opting for direct banking services can also help individuals secure their banking details since banking employees will handle the transaction for you.

Look for trusted third party solutions

In case that you wish to keep your banking details on private, it is also a good option to look for trusted third party solutions. When using such option, you can prevent problems that may affect your finances. However, third party solutions are quite slower. And, some companies have higher rates.

These are only some of the things that car buyers need to know when paying for cars for sale overseas.

Tips For Defrosting Cars Windows

Imagine you have had mobile car valeting experts come and take care of your vehicle yesterday. Temperatures dropped, and over the night your car windows got completely frosted over. Surely that is not a pleasant thing to see in the morning, especially if you are in a hurry for work.

There is no way you are driving with ice on your windshield, so you need to figure out ways to deal with the challenge quickly. Normally, you will look to your ice scraper for aid. It should be noted that this tool can easily scratch the glass if you are not careful. Besides, it takes some time to deal with the task at hand. For this reason, you will do well to check out other options:

Use a de-icer – perhaps the easiest thing you can do is to purchase a commercial de-icer. These specially formulated de-icing fluids are largely available throughout the winter, and they do a decent job at removing accumulated ice on your car windows. But you can also make your solution, as it is not that hard. You just need to use rubbing alcohol and a few drops of dish soap. Use a spray bottle and invert several times to mix the solution well. Spray it on the frosted parts of the window and wait. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the solution to work. Finally, use a scraper to remove the softened ice. If any areas are giving you trouble, apply more de-icer.

Use a credit card – if you lack a de-icer, you can resort to more basic methods that involve tools at hand. A credit card naturally comes as a suitable solution, because of its shape. However, don’t expect miracles and try to aid yourself as much as possible by starting your car and turning the defroster. Leave it running and get to work. Grab a credit card you know it’s safe to use and isn’t laminated. Hold the long edge of the card against some angle and push the ice firmly. Try not to bend the card. What you can also do is stack a few more cards to double the scraping strength. Once enough ice has been removed, use the wipers to clear away the mush.

Use hand warmers or warmed ice packets – get a microwave-safe bag and warm rice for 30 seconds. Get the rice to your car and press it on the inside of the frosted window. The warming effect will quickly melt the ice. The main advantage of this method is that it warms up the glass so that it doesn’t freeze as you drive. It also warms up the interior or your car nicely. However, do keep in mind that keeping a warmer in one place for too long can stress the glass. Keep it only for as long as needed to melt the ice a little bit and finish off with the wipers.

Be preventive – the best way to deal with ice is to prevent it in the first place. Cover your car windows with a folded sheet, blanket or towel. Your windows may still get a little damp, but it will not have a thick cover of ice to deal with.

These are all viable strategies for dealing with ice on your car windows. Use them before or after you have had mobile car valeting services and you will have windows free from ice.

Benefit Buying Used Car

There’s nothing wrong with buying a new car, if you’re prepared to accept the short and long-term financial losses. The second you drive that new vehicle off the lot you’ve lost around 20%. A car that was forty-thousand loses eight driving home. Then a depreciation rate of 15% per year for most models, with some exceptions of course. We all know it’s easier to buy than sell an item! Therefore, my choice is always buying used cars, and this is my criteria that saves me big money in the long run.

My recommendation is purchasing a used car for cash not financing. Without interest and the two-way insurance requirement, you’re probably saving around $1200/ year. Next is not purchasing a used car from a dealer which can be considerably more expensive. Many people believe dealers do more to repairs used cars making those ones sounder investments. Keep in mind dealers need to make profits, which means incorporating costs like the trade-in, repairs, operational costs, and commissions. That is the reason my preference is being patient finding private sales. People selling their own used cars have no overhead expenses, and know they will get a lot less from the dealer.

The type of used cars I look for have low mileage, service records, accident free, many features that work, and sellers who have been meticulous with their cars. Doing a lot of mileage yearly my number is around $5000. Prior to purchasing I spend an hour labor having my trusted mechanic look the car over. If there is anything major I walk away, minor repairs are negotiated to bring the price down. My rule of thumb is keeping aside an additional $1000. Buying a used car, I know within 6 months there will be some normal repairs coming, like breaks, timing belts, or shocks. My objective is keep the car for 3-4 years owing me nothing re-selling it afterwards for around $1500.

Taking into consideration I can drive a used car for 4 years saves me $4800 in interest and two-way insurance. My total purchase cost being around $6000 counting in the set aside money. If you do the math above including in my $1500 resale, I’m ahead $300 based on my original purchase afterwards. Who can say that buying a new car could ever do that? If you’re thinking of purchasing a car try my way in saving big money buying used cars.


Tips To Choosing Tyre For Your Car

Just as the model selection is critical to the performance of the car so as the tyres. Afterall the basic integrity of performance lies in the tyres itself. Tyres are often selected by the dealers during the purchase looking at the model and your application. Nevertheless, an ample knowledge can not only protect you from harm but may help you in selecting even better option. Sometimes the car fails to serve us the performance we are expecting from it and that can be because of wrong tyre selection. There’s no need to fret because you can easily exchange them from the dealer.

Basically these are the types of tyres available and you can consider any one of them based on your application and expectation

1. Standard Tyres:

As the name suggests, these are the generic form of tyres and the one usually fitted with cars. Nothing great can be expected out of them as they are meant for general purposes. You can consider them if you do not desire a huge performance from your vehicle.

2. Touring Tyres:

These are of premium type and are usually meant for travelling purposes. The best part about them is minimal noise level and less vibrations. These tyres leave a characteristic tread pattern and so can easily be distinguished from others. However, the tread pattern is somewhat less aggressive than the sporty ones.

3. Sporty Tyres:

These are high performance tyres with higher grip levels to sustain both dry and wet climatic conditions. The only drawback with them is their high noise level. As discussed earlier the tread patterns of these tyres are aggressive and so make noise while driving.

4. High Speed Tyres:

These can be found in both sporty and touring category. A high performance tyre is equipped with durable construction that can withstand extremities. One of the finest to choose if you aim for high performance. These can generally be seen with sports car as their noise level is lesser.

5. Eco friendly Tyres:

Yes, tyres can be eco friendly too. These are new to the league and help in reducing fuel consumption by lowering friction losses. If your fuel expense is rising day by day then you can surely give these a try.

6. Run Flat Tyres:

These are available in both sporty and touring types. These are specially designed in a way to reduce the loss of handling after a tyre puncture. A car can be driven in punctured condition with Run Flat Tyres for a distance of 80 kms and a speed of 80 km/hr. You do not have to worry to change the tyre pronto or if there’s no garage around. The performance is also better than others and can surely be relied on.